The first WBSC Baseball5 Workshop for Continental Instructors begins today in Havana, Cuba. The programme is aimed to develop continental experts who will work closely with WBSC Continental Associations to further boost the development of Baseball5, the youth-focused urban version of Baseball Softball.

The participants are 14. They were selected in a larger pool of candidates introduced to WBSC by the Continental Associations. Candidates come from Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, China, France, Ghana, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Mexico, New Zealand, Thailand, Tunisia and the United States of America. Nominations were vetted by WBSC Coach Commission and submitted to the Baseball5 Department before the final invitations were sent.

The 3-day workshop is held by WBSC officials, the Cuban Baseball Federation and representatives of the WBSC Coach Commission. It is aimed to give to the participants a complete knowledge of the Baseball5 project.
The workshop will begin with classes about game rules and basic branding guidelines and will then switch to on-field practice on technical skills and in-game strategy.

The WBSC Baseball5 Workshop for Continental Instructors follows the launch of Baseball5 Global Coaching Programme, launched in the Summer of 2018. It is part of the global development strategy of WBSC and aims to grow the Baseball Softball community to one billion people within the next decade.

Baseball5, with its capacity to augment the accessibility to the sport, can be instrumental. The recent announcement of upcoming Baseball5 international competitions is set to give the new urban discipline even more visibility.

WBSC President Riccardo Fraccari commented: “This is an important step for the globalization of our sport. With this programme, we bring forward not only the development of Baseball5, but we also continue to empower Continental Associations. This is one of the keys to keep growing our sport and demonstrate that Baseball Softball is indeed global.”

Earlier this year the WBSC Executive Board approved the decentralization of some development funds, that are now managed directly by the Continental Associations.

Baseball5 Workshop opens in Havana, Cuba

The WBSC Baseball5 Workshop aims to create experts to help Continental Confederations boost development