Baseball and softball’s newest discipline, urban/street Baseball5™, was only officially launched in March, but the quick-paced game has been quickly embraced by many professional leagues and National Federations worldwide.
During the European Tour (11 through 17 May) Baseball5 was showcased in Rome and Prague.
WBSC held more seminars in the Philippines, Mexico and Guatemala.

Supported by the Softball Confederation of Asia (SCA), the Amateur Softball Association of the Philippines and its President Jean Henri Lhuillier, WBSC staged a 2-day seminar during the Asian Jr Women’s Softball Championship. National team coaches and players, as well as National Federations, local students with their physical education instructor participated in the first ever Baseball5 clinic in Asia.
Philippines, Japan, China, Chinese Taipei, Malaysia, South Korea and Thailand have now acquired basic knowledge and understanding of the new 5×5 street discipline.

A Baseball5 field was drawn within minutes on a baseball field

At the same time, in Central America, a WBSC expert held seminars in Mexico and Guatemala. On May 15 in Mexico City, in collaboration with Liga Mexicana de Biesbol (LMB), WBSC trained 40 future Baseball5 coaches. The LMB is set to run parallel to professional baseball league a Baseball5 tournament featuring the same professional clubs.

A velodrome was perfectly adapted to Baseball5 field in Mexico City

On 17 May, in collaboration with the Olympic Foundation of Guatemala (FUNOG) and the Guatemala Baseball Federation, a further seminar took place. Over 40 participants from Mexico and Dominican Republic joined physical education instructors and coaches from the Guatemala baseball and softball communities.
The new street game had been launched in Guatemala on April 6, during the International Day of Peace and Sport. Vice President Willi Kaltschmitt represented WBSC.

The WBSC will soon present a Baseball5 global strategic plan.
“Since the launch of the 5×5 version of baseball and softball in February, we received responses that exceeded our expectations by far” commented WBSC President Riccardo Fraccari “We are doing our best to meet every request, but it looks clear to me that we need to adjust our initial plan”.