WBSC Development Commission supported 43 requests during 2018 and nine more projects are in progress. Only five of the requests were rejected and in two cases the support was withdrawn. In the future, the Commission will reject any request of support filed after the event.

The Commission in particular supported the member Federations with Clinics for coaches, umpires and scorers and equipment, but worked also on projects or school and youth development, National Team support and facilities.

“Various National Federations are starting to get familiar with the procedure,” commented Commission Chairman, and WBSC Treasurer, Angelo Vicini “We are receiving qualified requests.”

When the Development Commission receives a request from a member Federation, the Continental Confederation is immediately informed.
“We involve the Confederation in the evaluation process,” confirmed Vicini.

Europe is the Continent that benefited the most, with 22 development programmes. The Americas follow with 12, Africa 11, Asia 9 and Oceania 2. Equipment support, and seminars for coaches and game officials, are the areas for which National Federations requested more support

The Development Commission suggested to the Executive Board to budget an amount of money the Continental Confederations can use independently to support development initiatives.

The WBSC Executive Board unanimously approved the motion and allocated for 2019 an initial grant 25,000 USD to each continental association for a total of 250,000 USD.


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