WBSC held a number of seminars in Harare, Zimbabwe, from 19 to 23 February. The events were hosted by the Zimbabwe Baseball Association (ZBA).

The seminars covered different areas with five instructors. Andrea D’Auria was the baseball coaching instructor and Valeria Bortolomai had the role of softball coaching instructor. D’Auria and Bortolomai together held the Baseball5 seminar. Maurizio Ronchi took care of the scoring seminar. Vincent Maoeng (baseball) and Abel Mataboge (softball) were the umpiring instructors.

Valeria Bortolomai Zimbabwe

Instructor Valeria Bortolomai (left) works on the field

ZBA interim President Morris Banda said that the coaching seminars will help set up a Committee to develop a coaching certification standard.

The Baseball5 seminar introduced the new urban version of baseball-softball in Zimbabwe. A total of 70 participants attended the event. They learned how to set up a Baseball5 field and were introduced to the rules. They also had a chance to play in demonstration games.