WBSC supported the first seminar for teachers who wish to introduce mini baseball/softball in their schools and baseball and softball coaches. The seminar was held by WBSC and the Chinese Baseball Association (CBA) at the Beijing Jiaotong University.

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Zhang Jianxiong and Lin Jiaxuan, former professional players in the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL), served as the instructors.
According to the 2 coaches, the game allows kids between 6 and 9 years of age to enjoy baseball by playing.
At the end of the seminar, WBSC and CBA certified 40 teachers and coaches as mini baseball/softball instructors.

PCG Bros promotes the new game in China on behalf of WBSC and CBA. Hu Xiaozhi, Vice President of PCG Bros, commented: “To promote mini baseball and softball, teachers are the most important asset. We hope to cultivate seed through training courses”.

Since more than 400 schools in China play something similar to mini baseball/softball, PCG Bros believes the game can reach more kids in the Country.

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