WBSC President Riccardo Fraccari visited the new headquarters of the Caribbean Pro Baseball Confederation (Confederación de Béisbol Profesional del Caribe, CBPC) in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

CBPC is the body that manages relations between the Professional Winter Leagues of Dominican Republic (Liga de Béisbol Dominicano), Mexico (Liga del Pacifico), Puerto Rico (Liga Profesional Roberto Clemente) and Venezuela (Liga Venezolana de Béisbol Profesional) and is in charge of organizing the Serie del Caribe, the Caribbean World Series.

The current edition of the Serie del Caribe took off in 1970 between the Champions of Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Venezuela. Mexico joined in 1971.
Cuba’s Serie Nacional received an invitation to join the Series in 2014 and applied for full membership in January 2019. PROBEIS, the Professional Winter League in Panama, received an invitation in 2019. The Champions of Panama defeated the Champions of Cuba to win on home turf the last edition of the Serie.
Colombia (Liga Colombiana de Béisbol Profesional) and Nicaragua (Liga de Béisbol Profesional Nacional) will join in 2020.

Fraccari met CBPC Commissioner Juan Francisco Puello and discussed business opportunities between the two organizations.
Fernan Zuluaga, Media Pro Vice President Sports Rights, Ramon Ruiz, Brand Director CBPC, and Miguel Pazcabrales, Manager of WBSC marketing agency Base, also sat in the meeting.

WBSC, Media Pro and CBPC agreed on a timeline to present a list of feasible proposals to WBSC and CBPC Executive Boards to enhance the value of various baseball events in the Region, including the Serie del Caribe.