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Attention prospective bat suppliers

Please refer to the 2019-2022 WBSC Baseball Wood Bat Manufacturer Regulations & Application you find in this page. New applicants and renewals will be considered for a 4-year term covering the 2019-2022 WBSC events calendar. Please note that no wooden bat manufacturer can have its bats used in any WBSC Baseball World Cups or WBSC Baseball events (including Premier12, Olympic Qualifiers and Olympic Games) without the prior approval of the WBSC.

For any additional information regarding the bat application process, please contact the WBSC via email at or give us a call at +41 21 318 8240.


The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) invites member federations to express their interest in hosting a WBSC World Cup. WBSC Baseball World Cups showcase the best players and teams from throughout the world at various categories.

These are: WBSC U-12 Baseball World Cup, WBSC U-15 Baseball World Cup, WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup, WBSC U-23 Baseball World Cup, WBSC Women’s Baseball World Cup.

Organising these WBSC events gives the opportunity to the national federation to develop the game locally, while also providing world-wide exposure for their program and the hosting region.

Benefits of hosting a World Cup

The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) is committed that baseball not only grows worldwide through the organisation of various WBSC World Cups, but also ensures that national federations benefit of hosting a WBSC Baseball World Cup before, during and after an event. Other benefits are:

  • Helps construction of new or renovation of existing facilities to support the development of the game at all levels.
  • Increased number of high quality baseball development programs for professional, amateur, youth and grassroot levels.
  • Improved cooperation between host cities, sponsors, media and local community at large.
  • Enhanced partnerships and greater commercial activity and investment from new sponsors, media and broadcasters.
  • Help in breaking down social barriers for participation and better opportunities for both women and young people.
  • Using well-known baseball players and coaches as role models to encourage kids and emerging players and to promote health and other social benefits.

Process of bidding for a World Cup

The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) Baseball Division approved the outline for international baseball competitions from 2012 to 2019. Additionally WBSC streamlined the process for federation to bid for the organisation of a WBSC World Cup. Event Hosting Manuals were created to provide a guideline for interested hosts.

Bid process:

  • WBSC asks National Federations to express interest in hosting a WBSC World Cup.
  • National Federations express their interest in a WBSC World Cup and return the bidding form to the WBSC Office.
  • WBSC evaluates the various bid submissions.
  • WBSC identifies and selects the most suitable candidate for approval by the Executive Committee.
  • WBSC announces the successful host for the WBSC World Cup.

The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) has produced a number of manuals that aim to guide the local committees through the organisation of an international baseball event. The manuals were produced by the WBSC Tournaments Department to help set a standard for the organisation of events, in order to ensure the success delivery and sustainable legacy of the WBSC Baseball World Cups.

In July 2012, the Baseball Division announced the expansion of the Baseball World Rankings platform, thereby making it possible for National Baseball Federations to generate additional points by having their National Teams compete in WBSC-approved (“sanctioned”) events.

Any international competition between one (1) or more National Teams or club governed by the National Federation must be prior approved and obtain the prior sanctioning by the WBSC. The scope of such international competitions must be communicated to the WBSC Headquarters at least 30 days in advance.

After reviewing and ensuring proper protocol be followed based upon the WBSC instructions, the official sanctioning of WBSC would be given to organisers of events with the implications on the Baseball World Rankings. Only those games that strictly involve WBSC Member’ “National Teams” can have rankings implications.

Misrepresentation and fraud

Where a team is not the National Team acting under the authority of the National Federation and/or respective National Olympic Committee—and/or where a competition has not been duly sanctioned by the WBSC—the uniform colours and style of such team competing in an international tournament must not be the same as or similar to any National Team uniforms of that National Federation. The National Flag of the country of that National Federation must not appear on the uniform and such team should not be promoted/positioned as a team representing country or nation on any media outlets (broadcasting, website, social media, print publications etc).


The WBSC reserves all rights in determining sanctioning fees.

Procedures to apply for WBSC sanction to exhibition/friendly games

Request must be submitted at least 30 days before start of proposed event.
For more information, contact the WBSC Baseball Division at

Procedures to submit Post Event Report Form for exhibition/friendly games

Report must be completed and submitted to the WBSC Baseball Division within 72 hours after the final game of sanctioned games.
For more information, contact the WBSC Baseball Division at


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