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IV WBSC Congress shapes organization's new leadership following elections, appointments
07/07/2022 1 Minute Read

IV WBSC Congress shapes organization's new leadership following elections, appointments

International baseball and softball officials were elected and appointed at the WBSC Congress, which took place from 3-5 July in Taiwan.

The IV WBSC Congress hosted shaped the organization's new leadership, with the recent elections and appointments of international baseball and softball officials that were decided in Taipei City, Taiwan.

WBSC President Riccardo Fraccari (Italy)
Secretary-General Beng Choo Low (Malaysia)
Treasurer Angelo Vicini (San Marino)
Executive Vice President Baseball Jeffrey Koo (Chinese Taipei)
Executive Vice President Softball Craig Cress (USA)
Vice Presidents Willi Kaltschmitt (Guatemala), Beatrice Allen (Gambia), Luis Mejia Oviedo (Dominican Republic)
Members at Large Baseball Paul Seiler (USA), Ron Finlay (Australia)
Members at Large Softball Taeko Utsugi (Japan), Gabriel Waage (Czech Republic)

The Congress also shaped the leadership of the WBSC Baseball and WBSC Softball Divisions.

Baseball Division Chair Riccardo Fraccari
Vice-Chairs Jeffrey Koo, Bryan Minniti (USA)
Members at Large Xu Chen (China), Jimmy Char (Colombia), Petr Ditrich (Czech Republic)
Continental Vice Presidents Albert Frimpong (Ghana), Aracelis Leon (Venezuela), Masatake Yamanaka (Japan), Kruno Karin (Croatia), Laurent Cassier (New Caledonia)

Softball Division Chair Craig Cress
Vice-Chairs Beng Choo Low, Maria Soto
Members at Large Taeko Utsugi (Japan), Mette Nissen Jakobsen (Denmark), Chong Hoon Lee (Korea)
Continental Vice Presidents Felix Okuya (Uganda), Tommy Velazquez (Puerto Rico), Xu Yang (China), Kruno Karin (Croatia), Rex Capil (New Zealand)

The IV WBSC Congress also unanimously approved the memberships of six new National Federations: the Bhutan Baseball Softball Federation, the Bulgaria Baseball Softball Federation, the Cape Verde Baseball Softball Federation, the Laos Baseball Softball Federation, the Saudi Arabia Baseball Softball Federation and the Tonga Baseball Softball Federation. Babe Ruth League, which has over one million registered players, was welcomed as the latest Associate Member to join the global baseball-softball family.

The WBSC now boasts 185 Member Federations and 8 Provisional Members (72 Baseball federations, 64 Softball Federations and 57 Baseball and Softball Combined Federations), as well as 14 Associate Members.