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WBSC Softball Hall of Fame Class of 2022 inducted
05/07/2022 1 Minute Read

WBSC Softball Hall of Fame Class of 2022 inducted

The 2022 class includes nine players, four umpires, three administrators, two coaches and one meritorious service. A total of 11 countries are represented in the 2022 Hall of Fame class.

The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) announced the list of 19 new members of the WBSC Softball Hall of Fame, inducted today at the 4th Congress in Taipei, Taiwan.

The 2022 class includes nine players, four umpires, three administrators, two coaches and one meritorious service. The 19 new members of the WBSC Softball Hall of Fame represent 11 National Federations and countries across the five Olympic continents.

The list of new members of the WBSC Softball Hall of Fame is as follows:


  • Francine McCrae (AUS)
  • Terry Downes (AUS)
  • Li Nianmin (CHN)
  • Wang Lihong (CHN)
  • Leonardo Cardenas Perera (CUB)
  • Noriko Yamaji (JPN)
  • Reika Utsugi (JPN)
  • Thomas Makea (NZL)
  • Jackie Smith (NZL)


  • Jorge Brugorello (ARG)
  • Debbie Grove (AUS)
  • Sun Bojie (CHN)
  • Gianluca Magnani (ITA)


  • Victor Centurion (ARG)
  • Andrew Pusetso Mokoto (BOT)
  • Mathews Kutumala  (RSA)


  • Mark Smith (CAN)
  • Enrico Obletter (ITA)


  • Lindsey Edwards (NZL)