01/09/2022 - 27/11/2022


Hosted by:   USA MEX JPN KOR

Twelve teams descend on Seoul for WBSC Virtual Cup Finals

Twelve teams descend on Seoul for WBSC Virtual Cup Finals
Excitement is building for the 12 teams when they compete in the concluding phase of the WBSC Virtual Cup in Seoul, Korea.

The 12 finalists of the WBSC Virtual Cup met for the first time on Saturday, on the eve of the Final Round, due to take place on Sunday at the Newdin Contents headquarters in Seoul, Korea.

The Virtual Cup finalists were invited to the stage to introduce themselves during the meeting.

The Mexican team Tacos al Pastor, named after a common menu item found in Mexican restaurants, composed of university students Jesus Muñoz and Hector Garza. Muñoz is familiar with the WBSC competitions as he competed as a pitcher for the national team at the WBSC U-12 Baseball World Cup in 2015.

Muñoz and Garza are very happy to compete in the historic Virtual Cup finals, but also looking forward to getting a good rest after their more than 15-hour flight on Friday.

The youngest team in the tournament is Japan's Nishiuchi (西内) with 14-year-old Kota Kubo and 15-year-old Aoi Mio.

"I am glad to come to Korea. We have a small body, but we can win because we have strong hearts and passion," Aoi commented in English in front of all the teams, while his teammate Kota jested, "I really liked dinner last night - bibimbap! I want to take photos with everyone."

The only all-female tandem in the tournament - Yaguyeosin (야구여신) - is composed of Korean professional baseball team LG Twins' cheerleader Dahye Jung and celebrity body builder Junghwa Kim. Both women play baseball together in a female celebrity team at SBO (Star Baseball Organization) which owns multiple baseball teams.

"This tournament will be challenging for us, but we will enjoy the screen baseball together with you guys," Dahye said.

All participants were presented with a uniform, cap and baseball bat from Gold Ball Park, the Official Equipment and Apparel Supplier.

The inaugural WBSC Virtual Cup will conclude with the final round, World Final, to be staged on Sunday, November 27 at Strikezon in Bundang-Yatap in Seoul.

The competition will start at 09:00 local time and will culminate with the final at 16:00 on the same day. The WBSC Virtual Cup champions will be awarded a trophy, US$10,000 in prize money, as well as the LEVERADE NFT award. The MVP will be also awarded special prizes by Gold Ball Park.