"Blind Baseball is the only sport I can perform independently"

"Blind Baseball is the only sport I can perform independently"
Dutch player Lisa Kuppers reflected after the successful first edition of the WBSC Blind Baseball International Cup.

The WBSC Blind Baseball International Cup made history as the first parasport event sanctioned by the baseball/softball world governing body.

WBSC President Riccardo Fraccari congratulated the participants through his Twitter account.

Lisa Kuppern (Netherlands) expressed how visually impaired players feel when playing blind baseball.

"The freedom I feel when I'm able to run alone is amazing. Blind baseball is the only sport I can perform completely independently and free. It is baseball, the game hasn't undergone huge changes. We hit the ball, run, field, throw and whoever dares even makes sliding."

Stefano Malaguti, Eva Trevisan and Priscilla Brandi represented the Blind Baseball Italian Association (AIBxC, a WBSC member), which made this version of blind baseball popular in Italy.

Italy, with its 11-team league (LIBCI) run by the National Baseball Softball Federation (FIBS) has the biggest pool of players and proved to be the best team.

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