Australia scores eleven in last at bat, outscores Chinese Taipei

Australia scores eleven in last at bat, outscores Chinese Taipei

Before today’s games, Australia looked like the least likely medal round competitor. With an exceptional 11-run seventh at-bat the Aussie defeated Chinese Taipei and will now contend a bronze medal to Canada in the third-place game on Saturday, 17 August

Australia could not match Chinese Taipei as long as they tried to play the same game, but when they let their bats go, they put together a 17-hitter seventh at-bat, scored eleven runs and won 12-3.
Now Australia has a 3-3 record and a real shot at the bronze medal game.

The seventh inning began with Chinese Taipei leading 3-1. After stranding runners in each of the first three at-bats, Chinese Taipei had managed to score three runs against Georgia Hood basically putting the ball in play.

Australia’s shortstop Shaylan Whatman got Australia started with a deep infield single un the top of the seventh. Catcher Sasha Willems singled and became the potential tying run. Chinese Taipei sent starter Chen Ching Yu to the showers and gave the call to Yu Hsuan Feng. She couldn’t stop the bleeding and neither could Lin Chia Ying, the third pitcher by Chinese Taipei. After 15 more batters and six more hits, Australia had scored eleven runs.