Baseball5 lands on Uruguay beaches

Baseball5 lands on Uruguay beaches
"This new discipline requires only a ball and limited space, and as an Olympic sport it's may be a good fit for Uruguay," commented Mauricio Ovelar, who promoted the initiative.

Uruguay has expanded its Baseball5 experience through a demonstration at Playa Deportiva - Parada 9, around two hours by car from the Uruguay capital Montevideo, promoted by physical education teacher Mauricio Ovelar.

"It's a new discipline, and we are very conservative when it comes to sport in Uruguay," said Ovelar in a television interview. "Baseball5 requires only a ball and limited space, so I believe it would fit Uruguay. Also, what makes it appealing is that Baseball5 will feature on the programme of the 2026 Youth Olympics."

Victor Aramayo, the coordinator of Basebal5 development in neighbouring Argentina and an official at last year's inaugural WBSC Baseball5 World Cup, oversaw the demonstration.

He explained in a television interview that Argentina is trying to develop Baseball5 through schools.

"It's been a long way through the pandemic hard times but we introduced Baseball5 in various provinces. The physical education coordinator made Baseball5 its flagship development action.

"We aim to introduce this five-on-five version of baseball/softball through physical education teachers and develop it in schools. The next step would be developing Baseball5 at the club level."