Baseball5 webinar staged to grow the game in West African nation Burkina Faso

Baseball5 webinar staged to grow the game in West African nation Burkina Faso
The development activity was organised by the African Baseball & Softball Association, in collaboration with the WBSC.

With the inclusion of Baseball5 at the next Youth Olympic Games -- which will take place in Dakar in 2026 -- and the announcement of the WBSC Baseball5 international calendar, the teaching and practice of the five-on-five urban discipline that requires only a ball is spreading quickly on the African continent.

The African Baseball & Softball Association (ABSA), in collaboration with the WBSC, organised a Baseball5 webinar for coaches and game officials in Burkina Faso on 7 February.

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In all, 33 participants belonging to the Burkina Faso Baseball and Softball Federation (FBBS, Fédération Burkinabè de Baseball et Softball) attended the online course.

Last year, during an interview with WBSC for the November 2020 edition of Federation Focus, the FBBS President, Ibrahima Sibore, said: "We do appreciate this new discipline [of Baseball5]. We are looking forward to organizing educational courses for coaches in our country with the presence of WBSC instructors."

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