Chinese Junior Softball Championship held in Jiangsu Province

Chinese Junior Softball Championship held in Jiangsu Province
A total of 17 softball teams from across China participated in the national tournament.

The Chinese Softball Association (CSA) hosted the 2021 Chinese Junior Softball Championship from 22-26 October with a total of 17 participating teams. Played in Yizheng City, Jiangsu Province, the teams were divided into three groups according to age levels: U-12, U-15 Common School groups, and an U-15 Sports School group. 

After four days of competition, Wuxi Dongbeitang Experimental Primary School from Jiangsu Province won in the U-12 Common School group, Nanjing Jiangning Senior Middle School from Jiangsu Province was the champion in the U-15 Common School group, and the Changzhou Xinqiao Junior Middle School from Jiangsu Province ranked first in the U-15 Sports School group.

This event aimed to improve the level of junior softball competition in China and increase the popularity of softball among Chinese youth.

After the tournament, the Chinese Softball Association organised a pitching clinic for young pitchers conducted by WBSC Softball Hall of Famer and former pitching coach of the Chinese National Softball Team, Johnny Lau. A total of 33 young players took part in the pitching camp.

Spread across three days from 27-29 October, coach Lau combined theory with practice, explaining the fundamentals of softball pitching and exposing the players to full motion drills in the form of fun games. On the final day, coach Lau showed the young players the grips and spins of breaking pitches and explained the importance of defense.