Cuba set to celebrate four-year anniversary of Baseball5

Cuba set to celebrate four-year anniversary of Baseball5
The WBSC launched the new discipline's logo in Havana on 23 November 2017.

The WBSC announced on 14 November 2017 the launch of the first-ever Baseball5 official competition.

The inaugural WBSC Baseball5 Championship took place in Havana, Cuba, on 23-24 November 2017, also revealing the new logo of the five-on-five version of baseball/softball and the hashtag #PlayEverywhere.

Cuba's National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER), the University of Physical Culture and Sports Sciences Manuel Fajardo, and the Cuban Baseball Federation will celebrate the event's fourth anniversary on Sunday, 21 November.

Players of all ages will attend a sports festival in various areas of the City of Sport of Havana that will close the International Convention of Physical Activity and Sports (AFIDE, Convención Internacional de Actividad Física y Deportes).

Players participating in the event will be involved in exhibition games, skill contests, clinics with professional athletes and coaches, interaction with sports celebrities, and community projects.