Ghana become first Youth Baseball5 African Champions
22/05/2023 1 Minute Read

Ghana become first Youth Baseball5 African Champions

They defeated Tunisia (2-0) in the final of the African Championship. Both National Teams qualified for the inaugural Youth Baseball5 World Cup. Zambia beat South Africa to claim the bronze medal.

Ghana defeated Tunisia in the final 2-0 (7-6, 6-5) to win the first-ever Youth Baseball5 African Championship on home soil in Cape Town.

Zambia won the bronze medal game against South Africa 2-1 (7-0, 3-4, 6-4).

World No. 8 Tunisia and No. 33 Ghana qualified for the inaugural WBSC Youth Baseball5 World Cup.

"It was a privilege witnessing this [WBSC Africa] Youth Baseball5 World Cup Qualifier," commented WBSC President Riccardo Fraccari. "I was impressed by the quality work the Local Organizing Committee put together and the level of play. Africa is improving fast. I'm sure Ghana and Tunisia will prove competitive in the WBSC Youth Baseball5 World Cup."

"Wow, what a wonderful tournament, it has brought a lot of energy to Cape Coast," commented Edmund Kwesi Ackom, the Ghana Baseball & Softball Federation vice president. "It marked a step forward in Baseball5 development in Ghana."

He added: "Hosting this Youth Baseball5 Africa Qualifier has been a privilege and an honour. We are proud of the standard we achieved. It's worth celebrating. We want to thank every participant and wish them well on their journey home. God bless Africa!"