Korea holds first Baseball5 tournament

Korea holds first Baseball5 tournament
Six U-12 teams competed in a tournament organized by the National Baseball Softball Federation and the National Olympic Committee.

The Korea Baseball Softball Association (KBSA) partnered with the National Olympic Committee to deliver the first Baseball5 event in the country.

On 4 December, six teams of the U-12 age bracket participated in a tournament at the Daejeon Hanbat Gymnasium. The participants split into two groups: Group A featuring HBC, Seokgyo Elementary School and Gunsan-nan Elementary School; and Group B, featuring Gyungsan Little Baseball, PEC Academy, Sang-Incheon & Ganseok Elementary School.

Each team was made up of eight players, four boys and four girls.

The first and second finishers of each group participated in the playoffs. Seokgyo defeated Gunsam-nam in the final to win the tournament. Gyungsan Little Baseball finished third and Sang-Incheon placed fourth. HBC and PEC Academy finished in fifth and sixth place.

The tournament was played behind closed doors due to COVID-19 restrictions. The games were streamed live on the KBSA YouTube Channel. Below you can find a summary of the final.

During the tournament, a booth set up by KBSA allowed female students to attend an introduction to softball.

The tournament is the first step for Baseball5 in Korea, KBSA said in a press release. The baseball and softball governing body has plans to launch a National Championship in 2022.

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