Mexico to licence 120 Baseball5 coaches

Mexico to licence 120 Baseball5 coaches
The first course took place on 10 February, and the second is scheduled for 17 February. The next step would be licensing game officials.

The National Commission for Physical Culture and Sports (CONADE), under the line of action of the School and Municipal Sports Centers (CEDEM), held a course to licence 60 aspiring Baseball5 coaches at Villas Tlalpan, a neighbourhood in Mexico City. A course for 60 more coaches is scheduled for Saturday, 17 February.

CEDEM director Arturo Contreras Bonilla explained that the courses aim to develop the new five-on-five version of baseball/softball in all Mexican States.

"Baseball5 has great potential in Mexico," added Contreras Bonilla. "We had participants from the States of Baja California, Campeche, Michoacàn, and Durango, among others."

After the coaching courses, CONADE plans to organize clinics for aspiring game officials.

Mexico played host to the successful first ever Baseball5 World Cup in November last year, with fans flocking to El Zocalo to witness the urban sport spectacle.