Softball season heats up as leagues in Europe underway

Softball season heats up as leagues in Europe underway
Leagues in Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Belgium have begun, while opening day is coming in the Czech Republic and Denmark.

Softball season in Europe is underway. Leagues in Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Belgium have celebrated official 2022 season games, while opening day is around the corner for the Czech Republic and Denmark. 

The Italian Serie A1 Softball opened on 2 April, with 12 participating teams split into two groups. The defending champions, Forli, share the lead in Group B with Caronno, with a 5-1 record. Bollate is in control of Group A, with the same record. Last year, Forli swept Bollate, 3-0, in the final series to claim the Italian title.

On 16 April, the Netherlands’ Softball Hoofdklasse had its opening day with six games. Seven teams will compete this season for the Dutch title. The regular season will run until 24 September, with the five-game Holland Series scheduled for the first week of October. Softball Hoofdklasse games can bee seen on

The Spanish Softball League is also underway. With 11 teams playing in two separate groups, the league opened on 12 March. One month into the season, CBS Rivas is still undefeated with 10 wins and sits on top of Group A. Dridma and Sant Boi lead Group B with a 7-1 record. Games can be watched here.

The Extra League in the Czech Republic will open its 30th season in April. The nine-team women’s league will be opening on 20 April, while the 10-team men’s competition is set to begin on 23 April, with 10 games. The men's and women's regular seasons will be played until October. 

The six-squad Belgium Division 1 softball league opened the 2022 season on 17 April, while the Danish men’s and women’s softball leagues will commence in the upcoming weeks.