Wales aiming to have a new Blind Baseball team

Wales aiming to have a new Blind Baseball team
Ten players took the field for the first training session on 11 February at Singleton Park in Swansea. The players got together for another open training on 25 February.

Blind Baseball has made a step forward in Wales with 10 visually impaired players, guided by three coaches and a facilitator, participating in the first training session organized by Blind Baseball Cymru at Singleton Park in Swansea.

The participants had a chance to hit balls and began developing base running skills.

"It wasn't a sunny day, but it was a day without rain in Swansea, and that in itself is an event," commented Blind Baseball Cymru through their website.

The note states that head coach Holly Ireland was impressed by how well all players hit the ball on their first day.

Blind Baseball Cymru organized another open training on Saturday, 25 February. "It is February, and it is Wales, so WOW, was it cold on Saturday," stated the organization through the official website. "That didn't stop our fearless baseball enthusiasts from coming out and working on their skills at Parc Singleton Park."

The ultimate goal is to get the team ready to compete in games as soon as possible.

Cymru is the Welsh word for Wales. The body is associated with the UK Blind Baseball Association.

A collaboration between the Italian Blind Baseball Association (AIBxC, a WBSC Associate Member) and the UK Blind Baseball Association introduced Blind Baseball to Wales in October 2021.

A collaboration between AIBxC and a blind cricket team in Manchester took blind baseball to the United Kingdom in 2019.