WBSC donates equipment to support baseball, softball development in Zambia

WBSC donates equipment to support baseball, softball development in Zambia
Equipment, including Baseball5 balls, will go to 15 different receivers, starting with the Lusaka OYDC Zambia sports development centre.

The Zambia Baseball and Softball Association will hand out baseball, softball and Baseball5 equipment to 15 different receivers as part of a plan to boost the game's popularity in the country and on the African continent.

The first receiver of the equipment sent to Zambia by the WBSC was OYDC Zambia. Distribution will then reach the University of Zambia in Lusaka, the Copper Belt University, the Chindwin Barracks secondary schools, the Chirundu Leopards club in Lusaka, the Lutembwe secondary school, Precision Sport, Family Legacy, Restoration Ministries, UCZ, Senanga Baseball, Serenje, Chimwemwe, OlympAfrica and the Mumana primary school.

The OYDC Zambia, a sports development centre in Lusaka, is the latest affiliation to the Zambia Baseball and Softball Association and received a starter kit, including a dozen Baseball5 balls, baseball and softball bats and uniforms.

According to secretary-general Kenny Matishi, involving the OYDC Zambia may help boost development. "A good number of kids visit the centre. Hopefully, our sport will attract them."

Matishi also said he expects an advantage from the collaboration with OlympAfrica. Baseball5 will also be making its debut in the 2026 Youth Olympic Games in Dakar, Senegal, which is generating development activity for the sport in the region.

Zambia baseball and softball officials thanked the WBSC for the package.

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