WBSC Integrity Unit releases new videos for #SafeCall safeguarding campaign

WBSC Integrity Unit releases new videos for #SafeCall safeguarding campaign
The two new videos are being featured on a daily basis on the scoreboards at the current WBSC U-23 Baseball World Cup in Mexico.

The WBSC Integrity Unit has released two new videos to continue with its #SafeCall campaign, aiming to serve and protect the rights and best interests of athletes. The two videos -- produced both in English and Spanish -- feature members of the Athlete Commission giving valuable safeguarding information to their peers. The motto of the two videos is “An Athletes Guide to Safe Sport”.

The first of the two videos focuses on “What is harassment & abuse in sport?”. WBSC Athletes Commission members Ashley Stephenson and Maria Soto define safe sport, while Pauline Prade and Bruno Motroni explain discrimination, harassment and abuse in sport.

In the second video, WBSC Athletes Commission members Justin Huber, Erika Polidori, Randolph Oduber and Soto explain the impacts of discrimination, harassment and abuse in sport and how to react if there’s a case of harassment or abuse at WBSC events.

The #SafeCall campaign was launched earlier this year with an introductory video.

#SafeCall involves the WBSC Athletes Commission, who appoint Safeguarding Officers to be present at WBSC events as part of the initiative. The Safeguarding Officer will be present throughout the entire tournament and will document all reports of discrimination, harassment and abuse, and determine if follow-up is needed and/or recommend, if the case should be referred to the WBSC Ethics Commission or local authorities. Outside of events, athletes can report a case via email at safeguarding@wbsc.org.