WBSC unveils first Virtual Cup trophies

WBSC unveils first Virtual Cup trophies
The WBSC Virtual Cup trophies have been revealed and await the Final Round winners of the first-ever edition on November 27 in Seoul, Korea.

The WBSC has unveiled the WBSC Virtual Cup 2022 trophies that will be awarded in the Final Round to the first-ever champions and runners-up of the eSport competition scheduled to take place on November 27.

On Saturday, the 12 teams will be meeting for the first time in Seoul, Korea, before they compete and get their hands on the WBSC Virtual Cup's historic piece of silverware as well as US$10,000 in prize money.

Each trophy stands at a height of 30 cm and width of 26.4 cm with a gold or silver brass base, which is unique from other WBSC event trophies which are metal based.

LEVERADE will award the champions with digital trophies in NFT format, together with the traditional winners' trophies. The NFT technology authenticates the digital trophies and provides a certificate of uniqueness and ownership to the athlete, recorded in the blockchain forever.

The first digital trophies were awarded to the MVPs of the Baseball5 World Cup, which was held a few weeks ago in Zocalo, Mexico City.

The MVP will be selected based on the performance in the Final Round where Gold Ball Park, the Official Equipment and Apparel Supplier for the WBSC Virtual Cup, will present special prizes to the recipient.

Strikezon in Bundang-Yatap in Seoul will be the venue for the Final Round, where six rooms will be used for the 15 games, all fully branded for the 2022 Virtual Cup. The competition will start at 09:00 local time and will culminate with the final at 16:00 on the same day, followed by the closing ceremony at the Newdin headquarters located in the area which is well known for its sophisticated and exclusive residential neighbourhoods.