Zambia completes second part of Baseball5 development project

Zambia completes second part of Baseball5 development project
After the educational part, the competition will start in five provinces and lead to the first Baseball5 National Championship in April.

The Zambia Baseball Softball Association (ZABSA) completed the second part of a massive Baseball5 development project which started in December last year.

WBSC envoy coach Andrea D'Auria travelled to five Provinces, Eastern, Central, Copper-Belt, Lusaka and Southern Province.

The second phase reached a total of 154 participants. A selected number, at least three persons per province, participated in a five-day advanced course on coaching.

The participants in the advanced course will be in charge of spreading Baseball5 further in their province.

"It's been fun and challenging simultaneously," commented Kenny Matishi, the ZABSA secretary-general. Only Lusaka and Copper Belt had people with some knowledge of baseball/softball. In the other provinces, we had to start from scratch."

Matishi added: "The fact everyone involved in the course participated in Baseball5 games after five days tells us about the huge potential of Baseball5."

After creating the Provincial Committees, local competition will start in February. The best teams will compete in the inaugural National Baseball5 Championship from 7 to 10 April.

The Baseball5 development project has the support of the National Olympic Committee of Zambia.