Athletes' Commission

Athletes Commission

In 1981, the then-IOC President, Juan Antonio Samaranch, created the IOC Athletes' Commission. Its creation was confirmed by Rule 21 of the Olympic Charter.

Since the first appointed Athlete Representatives in 2014, the WBSC has been continuously improving and evolving to strengthen the link between the athletes and the WBSC. Based on the WBSC Statutes, the WBSC Athletes' Commission is composed of eight Athlete Representatives, who are elected by their fellow baseball/softball athletes around the world.

Role of the WBSC Athletes' Commission:

  • Serves as a consultative body and is the link between athletes and the WBSC;
  • Represents athletes and upholds the rights and obligations of the athletes;
  • Two Baseball and Softball Representatives each serve as members of the WBSC Executive Board;
  • Two Baseball and Softball Representatives each serves as members of the two WBSC Division Boards; and
  • The Commission makes recommendations and proposals to the WBSC Executive Board.


  • Awareness-raising among athletes of all categories in reference to anti-doping, prevention of competition manipulation, safeguarding from harassment and abuse;
  • Supports and follows the initiatives of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), e.g. promoting the anti-doping passport, and harmonising rules and sanctions;
  • Supports and follows the initiatives of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), e.g. promoting Athlete365, participating in bi-annual Athletes Forum.
  • Supports other commission activities as needed.

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