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This is a programme aimed to improve the life of the athlete after the sports career.Together with Athlete 365+ Career, it is one of the most important documents in order to facilitate the life of the athletes after the sports career.It is an IOC app where athletes can share their thoughts, experiences in the sports life.Didactic documents that explain why it is fundamental to have a safe sport environment.The SMHRT-1 includes some behaviours that signal some mental disorientations.The functionality of the  SMHAT -1 is to determine whether an athlete suffers from some mental diseases. It can be used by mental health professionals.
Sports Psychology: Getting in the ZoneIOC Safeguarding ToolkitMental health in elite athletes: IOC consensus statementThe Athletes’ Declaration (2018)IOC Diploma in Mental Health in Elite SportIOC document - Sports Medicine: Understanding Sports InjuriesIOC Certificate: Safeguarding Officer in Sport
Improve the knowledge on how to better concentrate yourself and how to dominate emotions and obstacles for a competition.It is aimed for the advancement of policies in the sensitisation about harassment and verbal/physical attacks in sport.It includes the many existing diverse mental health challenges.It includes an array of athlete’s rights and responsibilities within the Olympic movement.
It is a one-year diploma programme offered by Sportsoracle.
Here you will apprehend some basis in sports medicine such as load management and general training.It is aimed at the safeguarding officers in the sport organisations.