The WBSC acts according to the disciplinary rules and may take measures in the following instances:

  1. A violation of the WBSC Statutes 
  2. A violation or failure to observe the WBSC By-Laws, Rules and Regulations
  3. Proven conduct that damages the WBSC image, prestige and authority
  4. Reprehensible conduct during official competitions or activities of the WBSC or outside of them 
  5. Failure to observe the agreements and decisions of the WBSC Governing Organs
  6. Repeated failure to meet the responsibilities and obligations of individuals positions
  7. Commission of serious offences against sporting morals and ethics
  8. Failure to observe the principles and rules set out in the WBSC Code of Ethics
  9. Failure to observe the WBSC Anti-Doping Regulations

An appeal against the penalty applied by the Executive Board may be lodged with the next Congress of the WBSC. The appeals procedure does not affect the performance of the penalty, which takes effect from the date of official notification to the Member Federation, by fax and registered letter sent on the same date. The decision taken by the Congress on the appeal will not modify the results of any tournaments or championships with which the disciplinary proceedings may be connected.

The WBSC is also entitled to apply disciplinary measures to an individual who is member of a Member National Federation or who comes under the jurisdiction of said National Federation, and to any individual invested with official representation in a game, tournament, competition or official activity of the WBSC.

Disciplinary matters shall be discussed at ordinary meetings planned in the approved annual calendars of each body. Only in exceptional cases of extreme severity will extraordinary Executive Board meetings be convened for this purpose.

The jurisdictional scope of these Rules covers conflicts, disputes, differences of opinion or any other type of controversy between Federations and Organs of the WBSC or between them and governmental or non-governmental sporting organisations with which they have working links.

For detailed information about the above please have a look at the WBSC Disciplinary Rules.

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Disciplinary By-Laws