Integrity Code

The WBSC Integrity Unit is responsible for handling all integrity-related matters in international baseball and softball, including but not limited to anti-doping, safeguarding, ethical breaches, betting- related issues and any kind of result manipulation, to ensure fair competition.

The WBSC Integrity Unit protects the integrity of the sports by investigating and prosecuting violations; strengthening the capacity to prevent potential future wrongdoing; and ensuring that the WBSC complies with its obligations under the WBSC Statutes, By-laws, Rules and Regulations, and the World Anti-Doping Code.

This Integrity Code has been adopted by the WBSC Integrity Unit, and approved by the WBSC Executive Board, to ensure that WBSC’s values are reflected in the behaviour of those who are trusted with the governance and administration of the sport. It has been designed by reference to best practice in corporate and sporting governance, and may be amended by the WBSC Integrity Unit from time to time, for the WBSC Executive Bord’s approval, to ensure it continues to reflect the appropriate standards in ethical conduct for an international governing body.

WBSC Strategic Goals
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