In-Competition Policy

This is intended to help safeguard Athletes and other Participants from harassment and abuse in the sport during World Baseball Softball Confederation’s Events. This policy applies to all accredited persons on site from the official arrival and registration of the teams to the departure of the teams as indicated in the official event outline.

  1. For each WBSC Event, there will be a WBSC Safeguarding Officer nominated and available 24/7 throughout its duration;
  2. In-Competition Safeguarding Officer will be designated by WBSC;
  3. The Safeguarding Officer must be a person who has received safeguarding training;
  4. The WBSC Integrity Unit will get all the reports and issues the In-Competition Safeguarding Officer has received during the event.

In-Competition Safeguarding Officer’s responsibility during the WBSC Events has to:

  1. Safeguard athletes and accredited participants during the events;
  2. Be the main contact point for any safeguarding concerns that occur during the events and provide support for athletes who need advice and assistant;
  3. Make sure to record details that were told by the concerned person without inputting any interpretations or assumptions and report it to the WBSC Integrity Unit;
  4. Make sure that the reporting forms are completed and send a copy to the WBSC Integrity Unit as soon as possible;
  5. Be aware and prepared of any unexpected and unprofessional approach to the concerned person by anyone including officials, other athletes, or spectators. The athletes must be at the place where any information shared to the Officer is secured safely;
  6. Provide appropriate support to anyone who concerns of possible abuse, or who has been subject to abuse;
  7. Keep confidentiality of any information of the concerned person and if necessary make referrals to the WBSC Integrity Unit, the Police, the medical services and/or other appropriate agency;
  8. Not make any investigation by own under any circumstances;
  9. Inform all complaints and concerns that occurred during the events.

List of sanctions

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