Sustaina-ball: M170

As part of a long-lasting partnership with the WBSC, the Japanese sports equipment giant Mizuno presented the new softball model to be used in all WBSC Softball World Cups, starting with the WBSC Women's Softball World Cup Group Stage in 2023. The Mizuno M170 will replace the M150 as the official softball of WBSC Softball World Cups. The main change between the two models is the cover of the ball. The new M170 - named after the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda 2030 - is made of synthetic leather, while the M150 was made by natural leather. As a sustainable material, its properties eliminate variations in the stretch and thickness on the surface of the ball and in the thread height and width of the stitching, resulting in a ball that is more accurate to manufacturing guidelines.

Material yield for production improved by approximately 30%. The yield per yard of polyurethane sheet is 1.5 times higher because:

  1. For M150 production, many areas of natural leather cannot be used due to the distorted shape, therefore, the material waste is increased by 20% compared to M170;
  2. M150 was difficult to sew, so the product defect rate has been reduced to 1/4 due to the specification change of M170.

Overall, Mizuno confirms that the amount of leather used has become 30% more efficient, which is more sustainable and enviornmental friendly.
Furthermore, the CO2 emissions are also improved, due also to a reduced timing of disposal and incineration of waste.