Sustainable Trophies

The WBSC through a partnership with LEVERADE as the WBSC’s NFT Awards Partner, has embraced digital trophies, recognising them as a sustainable alternative to physical medals.

Growing global awareness of the environmental impact of human activities is increasingly driving the sports world to seek sustainable solutions and one key area where the sport can make a meaningful impact is in the production of medals and trophies for competitions.

The production of physical medals and trophies involves using various materials such as metals, plastics, and wood, as well as transportation, which contributes to carbon emissions and environmental degradation.

With that in mind, digital trophies have emerged as a promising and environmentally friendly alternative to reward athletes for their achievements.

The WBSC, as part of its sustainability strategy, started awarding digital trophies to its champions starting from 2022, during the 1st ever Baseball5 World Cup held in Mexico City and during the first ever Virtual Cup held in Seoul, Korea.

According to the 2030 Calculator, the carbon footprint of a gold medal is 708.18 kg CO2e, while the carbon footprint of a silver or bronze medal is 469.42 kg CO2e. In contrast, the carbon footprint of a digital medal is only 0.4g CO2e.

The WBSC can significantly reduce its carbon footprint and promote a more environmentally responsible future by adopting sustainable and innovative solutions such as digital trophies, the industry can lead the way toward a better, greener future for generations to come.

It has been estimated that the WBSC delivers between 90 and 100 prizes between medals and trophies for each individual event, and that in 2023 with the 13 scheduled events it is estimated that between 1170 and 1300 prizes would be delivered.

Through the use of digitally developed trophies, medals, and awards, this would then rise from a total of 3933937,6 KG CO2e (4371042 KG CO2e) to a total of 0,468 KG CO2e (0,520 KG CO2e).

The WBSC will continue increasing the production of virtual trophies and NFTs prizes in the coming years with the vision to replacing totally the physical ones in the future.