Education tools

“I am an athlete who has the right to participate in clean sport. I will embrace the spirit of sport, respect my competitors, my sport and all those involved in my sporting endeavors. I will Play True and Say No To Doping!.” WADA

Effective prevention and clean sport values-based education programs are important to create a strong doping-free culture. WADA has developed resources for athletes, coaches, doctors and any other person who wishes to know more about anti-doping.

ALPHA – eLearning Tool for Athletes
ALPHA was developed by WADA with the input of eLearning specialists, athletes, anti-doping specialists and social scientists. It is currently available in 7 languages. The aim of this tool is to modify attitudes and have an impact on intentions to dope. It provides factual information about anti-doping (Ethical Reasons not to Dope, Medical Reasons not to Dope, the Doping Control Process, Rights and Responsibilities, TUEs, Whereabouts) and values based activities.

Play True Quiz
WADA’s Play True Quiz is an interactive computer game that tests athletes and their entourage’s knowledge about anti-doping. It is currently available in 36 languages. As an integral element of its Outreach Program, WADA devoted considerable resources to the development of this interactive computer game which has been showcased at major events including the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and many international events.

Play True – Youth version
The Youth Quiz was developed to target a younger audience by providing them core anti-
doping information that better suits their level. This interactive tool has been featured at the
Youth Olympic Games and other youth events. The Youth Quiz is currently available in 34

CoachTrue is an online learning tool that enables coaches to learn more about the fight against doping, and thus to be more effective in preventing it. This software was developed by WADA. It provides separate platforms for elite athlete coaches and recreational sport coaches.

Coach’s Tool Kit
The Coach’s Took Kit provides anti-doping organizations, coaching associations and universities with material that can be integrated directly into existing coach education curricula or used as a stand-alone workshop.

Sport Physician’s Tool Kit (SPTK)
The SPTK is designed to inform sport physicians and team doctors of their specific responsibilities relating to anti-doping to ensure they are fully informed and understand issues specific to them. It also includes information on specific policies relating to Major Games such as needle policies, bringing and prescribing medication at Games.

Information Security Awareness for Everyone (iSAFE)
It is a course consisting mainly of videos to increase learning about the defense against cyber-attacks. It can be very useful especially when our stakeholders are using IT platforms such as ADAMS.

The University Texbook
It is a didactic material consisting of around 110 pages in which are included all the key concepts in Anti-Doping for university students.

Medical Professionals
This course is for medical professionals including sports physicians or any other professional involved in the diagnosis, treatment or rehabilitation of athletes.

Adel for Medical Professionals at Major Games
These are condensed versions, which focus is on the knowledge needed for Major Games. The modules will help you understand how to identify and prescribe Prohibited Drugs at Major Events.

Adel for Tokyo 2020 Olympics
This eLearning course is designed for athletes and coaches participating in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Upon completion of this course, athletes and coaches should feel confident about their participation in Tokyo 2020 in accordance with anti-doping rules.

Ado Kickstart
A reference tool that supports administrators in delivering their core anti-doping duties on a daily basis.

Parents' Guide
An anti-doping reference guide/booklet for parents seeking more information to ensure healthy athletic development and prevent the use of prohibited substances.