Sanctions and Reports

In case of an Anti-Doping Rule Violation, the culprit (e.g. athlete, athlete support personnel), will be provisionally suspended from all Baseball activities including training and playing with a team pending the outcome of a hearing before a Judicial Committee.

If an athlete case involves a positive test, they have the right to have their B sample analysed. The athletes will be entitled to present their case before a Judicial Committee who will then decide on any applicable sanction and provide a written decision which shall be published in this page. The athletes have the right of appeal if they don’t agree with the decision in the first instance.

In the WADA Code and in the WBSC Anti-Doping Rules the sanctions range from a warning to a life ban, depending on various matters, including: the type of the Anti-Doping Violation, the circumstances of the individual case (level or absence of fault or negligence), the prohibited substance detected (or, for certain substances, quantity found), the repetition of an Anti-Doping Violation (recidivism).
For more information, please consult Art. 2 (violations) and 10 (sanctions) of the WADA Code.


To ensure that athletes are provided with a fair hearing within reasonable time by a fair, impartial and operationally indipendent panel, WBSC has established a new independent Anti-Doping Hearing Panel in accordance with the increased requirements set forth in the Code and ISRM.

The WBSC Anti-Doping Hearing Panel is composed by the following members:

Lorenza Mel (ITA)

Olivier Ducrey (SUI)
Lucienne Attard (MLT)
José Antonio Pascual Esteban (ESP)
Erika Riedl (SUI)


WBSC publishes here the annual collections of the anti-doping tests: