U-21 Baseball World Cup 2014

07/11/2014 - 16/11/2014


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TPE 21U National Team player a big star in hit movie


Film star Yu-Ning Tsao indicates he will focus on baseball and his studies.

By Richard Wang, IBAF Asia Correspondent 

TAICHUNG, Taiwan – Chinese Taipei 21U National Team outfielder Yu-Ning Tsao was met by a wave a reporters at the pre-tournament press conference on Thursday.

Media interest in Tsao has skyrocketed following his smashing debut as an actor in the Taiwanese baseball film, “KANO”, which was released this February and has been played in theatres internationally.

The hit movie was the story of the 1931 high school team that was the representative from Taiwan in the All-Japan High School Summer Tournament (“Koshien”) and came in 2nd place, overcoming many obstacles and social barriers.

Tsao played the role of key pitcher who carried the team to the championship game.

The movie was a smashing success at the box office in Taiwan and has received favourable reviews by viewers and critics alike.

The talented film actor/baseball player was also nominated for Rookie Actor of the Year in the Golden Horse Award, which is the Taiwanese version an Academy Award.

Although already Taiwan’s national sport, the film is seen as providing a big boost to baseball’s profile and appeal in the eyes of the general public, and among young people across Taiwan.

Tsao, currently an outfielder of FuJen Catholic University, began playing baseball as a young boy in elementary school and developed into a member of the Chinese Taipei National Team at the 2012 IBAF 18U Baseball World Cup that was staged in Seoul, South Korea.

Regarding future plans in the movie industry, Tsao told the WBSC/IBAF, “I will only focus on the game (21U) and do my job as of now, and won’t consider about my future career move for another 2-3 years.”


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