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WBSC Integrity Unit

The WBSC Integrity Unit is a specialised unit of the WBSC with the aim to ensure that integrity related issues within the organisation are addressed with transparency & great expertise.

The WBSC Integrity Unit handles all integrity-related matters in international Baseball and Softball, including anti-doping, safeguarding, ethical breaches, betting-related issues and any kind of result manipulation. It protects the integrity of the sports by investigating and prosecuting violations; strengthening the capacity to prevent potential future wrongdoing; and ensuring that the WBSC complies with its obligations under the World Anti-Doping Code, the WBSC Constitution, By-laws, Rules and Regulations. Moreover, the WBSC Integrity Unit protects the rights of the athletes at all times creating a safe, diverse and trustful environment for them to shine and enhances the Governance of the WBSC by applying very stringent standards of Good Governance and Accountability.

WBSC Strategic Goals
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To protect the integrity of the World Baseball Softball Confederation and to ensure a clean and inclusive environment for everyone.


To enhance fair play and transparency, protect athletes’ rights and promote inclusiveness to strengthen the governance within the WBSC and its members.


  • Team Spirt & Friendship
  • Integrity & Respect
  • Tradition & Innovation
  • Diversity & Unity
  • Excellence & Fun
WBSC Integrity Unit Logo
The Integrity Unit Logo is Simple and Clean, like the spirit of the community that we are building every day. The Black and White colours are indicating that on integrity matters there is no room for grey areas!