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Founded 2008


The Danish Baseball Federation (DBaF) became the official organ for baseball in Denmark after the 29 November 2008 meeting of the Danish Baseball Softball Federation (DBaSoF). At that meeting, the DBaSoF was divided into two federations – DbaF and Danish Softball Federation (DSoF). February 15, 2009 DBaF become an official member of CEB and IBAF.
Until May 2008, the DBaSoF was the main governing body for organized ball in Denmark. However, the International Softball Federation pressured mixed federations in 2006 to split softball from baseball in member country federations related to potential competition between the two sports for Olympic status after 2012, since only one sport could be chosen. However, the formation of World Baseball Softball Confederation in 2013 provides hope for baseball and softball reunification as one Olympic sport, as both the CEB and ESF, as well as the IBAF and ISF have signed collaborative contract agreements towards this end. Before these more recent historical events, there had been a hiatus in Danish baseball since 2005, when one team played in the Swedish Championship League. The years from 1992 to 2004 saw annual participation of at least 5 baseball teams in a Danish Championship League. Early history of bat and ball games in Denmark dates back to the early 1800’s and a variant called Langball was Denmarks most popular sport in the 1870s, even more than soccer. There are no written reports about actual baseball play in Denmark until 1923. Narratives handed down through Danish baseball-softball families describe the presence of baseball in Denmark in the first decades of the 20th century was mainly noted when the US Navy docked in Copenhagen and US servicemen on leave played baseball in the central park of Copenhagen. After that, a form of “baseball-softball” was played in schools, much like Danish rounders which is still popular today. The Danish Baseball Softball Federation was formed on June 13, 1978 when the first official matches were also played among 3 Danish clubs. After 1983 the baseball national tournament in baseball ceased to exist, as Danish clubs instead preferred to play fastpitch softball. Only in 1992 was the Baseball DM again revived and a baseball national team also participated again in European Championships. The senior national team participated in B pool-European Championships in 1998, 2000 and 2002. There were no baseball leagues in Denmark from 2003, but only regional pick-up teams who, since 2009, have competed annually to play in Denmark’s Baseball Cup. Most players have also played fastpitch softball in the Softball championship league. However a new Danish championship league consisting of three teams will start up in spring 2014 independenl of the softball schedule. Baseball is BACK in Denmark!
  • Mission statement of the Danish Baseball Federation: To establish and maintain an organizational structure that promotes baseball and baseball activities in Denmark.
  • To develop and support baseball activities (both junior & senior) and facilities with the overall goal of providing suitable baseball facilities in all major regions of Denmark (Zealand, Jutland and Funen)
  • To collect a national pool of players for international competitions, also on Danish soil and with the ultimate intention of representing Denmark in Olympic Games or similar format.
  • To promote a baseball culture in Denmark in which the positive social values and anti-violent aspects of the sport are heralded.