Baseball Botswana

Address: Maakakgang Close, P. O. Box

Zip Code: 502193

City: Gaborone

Country: BOT (Office) (WBSC Official e-mail of the NF)

+267 71803447 (Office)


Founded 2008


ln the year 2003, a group of young Softballers decided to venture into another nearly similar sport to softball, Baseball. Members of some softball teams showed much interest in the sport and a special day was dedicated for the game, a Sunday afternoon. In 2005, it was decided that a baseball federation should be formally registered with the Rigistrar of Societies.
lt wasn't until the year 2008 that the registration was formally approved. The intention was to have the same softball players participating in both Softball and Baseball. However the Botswana Softball Association sharply objected to the idea. Giving examples of other countries in the region, lt was alleged that softball in the region would collapse totally. As such, it became very difficult for Baseball which didn't have the infrastructure but depended on the softball infrastructure. Affiliation to the Botswana National Sports Council was also blocked. This forced teams to change minds about playing baseball, with the fear and threats from the softball executive committee against those that may continue playing baseball. Under these circumstances, Baseball had no choice but to focuss totally on grassroots development and find its own playing grounds. This affected the baseball membership negatively and a decline including even some Baseball executive members lost hope. However there were some decided to sacrifice and work tirelesly to reach the goal and the dream of having Baseball in the country. In January 2015, Baseball Botswana managed to get partial affiliation this time to the Botswana National Olympic Committee on condition that the then International Baseball Ferderation recognises and accepts affiliation of the Baseball Botswalu. That took up to 2017 when Baseball Botswana finally got the recognition of the newly formed World Baseball Softball Confederation, the move that brought much hope and enthusiasm but into the fold of baseball. Baseball Botswana believes that with the strong development structures in place, Botswana could soon be a baseball giant not only in the region, but internationally. A great joy of the moment, but much greater is the challenges ahead, however it is not worth persuing if it is not a challenge. We believe we Will WIN!!!


Latzbon Ronald Segaise



Oagile Mpodi



Kaelo Regoeng



Gagoope Franz Ntsholetsang



Kenanao Tsimanyane