Federación Salvadoreña de Béisbol

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Address: Alameda Dr. Manuel Enrique Araujo, Km 5, Carretera a Santa Tecla

City: San Salvador

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Several years ago, an old Salvadoran-American journalist, Rufino Castillo, that he had news that Salvadoran baseball had been played since 1900 and that the data could be found in an OFFICIAL GAZETTE of that time. 1916 AND A REAL FACT. In 1956, he arrived as an employee at the Court of Accounts of the Republic; a few days later an employee from that office came to my desk, much older than me, and told me: my name is Gilberto Rivera, I was a baseball player and I joined the first team and gave me a newspaper clipping where that and the first 2 The teams founded were: the “Olimpic” and the “Atlantic”.
FIRST PLAYERS Gilberto Rivera, R. Nicol; Víctor Recinos, M. Targa, Mr. Johnson, Emilio Dawson, Saprissa, Ulloa, Morazán, Villanova Kreitz, Cap. Linn, Franklyn Funes, Julio Ruano, and the Guirola brothers. The teams mentioned were organized by the American Minister Mr. Boaz P. Long. OTHER TEAMS AND DIAMONDS IN SAN SALVADOR Later other teams were founded: 9 Lobos, Minerva, San Cristóbal, Hercules. The diamonds to play baseball were in the fields: Marte, Polvorín and Modelo. 1921 Commemorating the Centennial of Central American Independence, Guatemala organized in its Campo de Marte, a Central American, El Salvador participated with the players already mentioned. In that same year, here in San Salvador, Campo de Marte, a Salvadoran selected, marked the way to international matches, played against a team of North American sailors from Barco Denver that was witnessed by numbers of fans who, "accommodated" to the contour of the diamond and gardens of that legendary Campo Marte. 1935, CENTRAL AMERICANS AND THE CARIBBEAN IN THE BLANCA FLOWER. Among the different sports that represented us in those games of 35, was Baseball, which faced powers such as Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama. The Diamante of the Flor Blanca Stadium, served for national and international games from 1935 to 1955. GREAT NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP IN 1954 Some experts in this field consider that, perhaps, the best national championship was played in 1954, with the participation of 5 teams: Constructions , University, Ajex, Cantarrana and Gringos, made up of the best Creole players and reinforcement of Panama, Cuba, Nicaragua, with great support from the government and the Private Enterprise. 1957, THE NATIONAL BALL PARK INAUGURATED On Saturday May 11, 1957, the National Baseball Park was inaugurated since the 80's. "Saturnino Bengoa", with series National Selection against Selection of Guatemala with 3 games. ACERO, GREAT CHAMPION 7 TIMES IN A row. From 1970 to 1980, the Acero team was founded by Don Carlos Calderón, Father; crowning national champion 7 times and a winter , setting a record as such. 1990 CENTRAL AMERICAN CHAMPIONS. January 1990, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, the national team won the Central American title, undefeated and Will Flores, was the champion pitcher, David Nolasco (Outfielder), was the Champion in Batting. 1995, new GREAT PUSH TO THE SMALL LEAGUES. The National Federation in Shift and the great support of the Salvadoran Sportman Don Jorge Elias Bahaia, Sr., reorganized the entire national movement of the little leagues, founding Academies in the capital and other cities of the country THE LNB BEGIN The first National Baseball League, (LNB), started in the year 1995 - 96, with a strong championship, between 4 teams, reinforced by players from the selected Cuban, Republic of ica Dominicana, Nicaragua. The first Champion was the UTEC - Technological University - sponsored to date by Dr. Mauricio Loucel. At present they play the XXVI National Baseball League, with the participation of 4 teams. 2003, FOUND “AMIGOS DEL BEISBOL”. In that year the games of the "Friends of Baseball", a Special League with its own regulations, appeared in the national shed, but based on the International Baseball Regulations. The first champion of this league was the Rockies. Author: Guillermo Bustillo. Q.E.D.G.


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