Africa: Youth initiation event held in Zambia to promote baseball, softball, Baseball5

Africa: Youth initiation event held in Zambia to promote baseball, softball, Baseball5
The Zambia Baseball Softball Association (ZABSA) hosted their “Triple Sport Launch" at the Olympic Youth Development Center in Lusaka. 

Aiming to raise awareness and increase participation of women in sport, especially in Baseball5, the Zambia Baseball Softball Association (ZABSA) held their “Triple Sport Launch", an introductory activity for youth participants with 116 players in Lusaka.

The event was held at the Olympic Youth Development Center to bring players, students, parents, coaches and new players together, in order to increase baseball-softball participation in the nation and boost the sport in Africa.

WBSC introduced Baseball5 in Zambia, a southern African nation of approximately 17 million, in February 2019. A few months later, in September, ZABSA commemorated Universities Sports Day with the nation's first Baseball5 University tournament.

The “Triple Sport Launch" started the sessions with aerobic exercises, then some lessons of softball basics, followed by baseball for youth teams. Finally, ZABSA introduced Baseball5 to new players who were witnessing the sport for the first time.

The national governing body distributed baseball and softball equipment, as well as Baseball5 balls, to Central Provinces coordinators to help expand the sport across Zambia.

Zambia’s development programme aims to send national teams to international competitions for the first time in years, and achieve their first-ever points in the WBSC World Rankings.

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