Alex Liddi back to USA affiliated baseball

Alex Liddi back to USA affiliated baseball

Alex Liddi is the first, and so far only, player born and developed in Italy to reach the USA Major Leagues. He will be given another chance by the Kansas City Royals

Alex Liddi, the first (and so far only) player developed in Italy to reach the Major Leagues in the USA, is back to affiliated baseball. The infielder was signed to a Minor League contract by the Kansas City Royals.

Liddi made his debut in the Big Leagues on 7 September, 2011 with the Seattle Mariners. He appeared in 61 games (37 at third base, 11 at first base and 7 in left field) over 3 seasons for the Mariners. He appeared in 1,327 Minor League Games (604 at the AAA level) for the Mariners, Orioles, White Sox and the Royals. In both of the last 2 seasons he went double digits with home runs in the Mexican Summer League.

Internationally Liddi represented Italy in the 2007 Baseball World Cup and in the 2009, 2013 and 2017 World Baseball Classic.

In the Royals Minor League Camp he will have a chance to share the field with another italian: top prospect Marten Gasperini, the player who made the headlines of the sport press for the largest signing bonus ever granted to a european.

The way to the Big Leagues may prove to be pretty steep for Liddi, but the Royals may have openings for him both at third and first base.