VIDEO: Australian women baseball players remember historic silver medal at 2010 World Cup

VIDEO: Australian women baseball players remember historic silver medal at 2010 World Cup
Amy McCann, the center fielder of Australia's 2010 Women's National Team, produced a flashback video of the team's historic run in Venezuela.

Australia finished second at the WBSC Women's Baseball World Cup 2010. They eliminated the hosts Venezuela in the semifinal and lost the final to Japan. That silver medal remains to date the best result for Australia's Women's Baseball National Team.

Amy McCann, the center fielder of that Australian National Team, decided to celebrate the tenth anniversary of that World Cup with an 18-minute video, Silver Linings-2010 Australian Women's Baseball Team- The Story.

"I was one of 19 players, three coaches and two support staff who embarked on the 2010 Women's World Cup in Venezuela," wrote McCann. "Our goal, our dream, was for Australia to finally step onto the podium for the first time in history, after finishing fourth at all three previous World Cups (2004, 2006 and 2008)."

McCann added: "The trip, the World Cup, turned out to be like no other before it and certainly non other after. Ten years have passed and I just don't think many people outside of the team's close connections really know what unfolded, what we went through, both on and off the field. My goal with this video was to try to bring to life the amazing, somewhat still unbelievable, but totally unforgettable moments that will forever bond the players and staff."

McCann was born in December 1978 in North Sydney. She became one of just five players who appeared in all of the first six Women's World Cups.

She also led Australia to a bronze medal in the Women's World Cup 2014. After she was voted to the Women's World Cup 2006 All-World Team, McCann also earned Baseball Australia's Female Player of the Year honours

McCann helped the Australian Women's National Baseball Team rise to as high as third in the WBSC World Rankings. The Aussie squad is now ranked sixth in the world.

In addition to representing the National Team, McCann played for 12 years for the Victorian Women's Baseball club, helping her squad to seven national titles.