Austrian Baseball Bundesliga to open 3 July, softball season on 19 July

Austrian Baseball Bundesliga to open 3 July, softball season on 19 July
Following the government’s easing of COVID-19 restrictions, the Austrian Baseball Federation revealed the schedule for their national baseball and softball leagues.

VIENNA -- The baseball and softball seasons in Austria will officially get under way in July, the Austrian Baseball Federation (ABF), which governs both disciplines in the nation, has announced.

The eight teams of the Austrian Baseball Bundesliga will play 20 games in 2 months, with Opening Day set for 3 July. The playoffs will start on 19 September, with the 'Austrian Baseball Championship' set for October.

The six teams in the Austrian Softball League will each play eight games. Bronze, silver and gold medal winners will be determined in a final event, starting on 11 September.

Also slowpitch softball and youth baseball competitions in Austria will be back in action in July

“I want to thank all authorities, especially the Austrian Ministry of Sports and our partner organizations, which helped us bringing back our sport," said ABF President Rainer Husty.

"After a very long off-season, our players and clubs can’t wait to be able to play the game they love.”

The announcement of Opening Day in Austria is the latest among many baseball and softball leagues across Europe to have opened, including leagues in Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Lithuania and Switzerland. Belgium and Italy are also set to open over the next few weeks.

Austria is currently ranked 29th in the WBSC Baseball World Rankings and 24th in the WBSC Women’s Softball World Rankings.