Baseball Cup of the Caribbean on the go in Dominican Republic

Baseball Cup of the Caribbean on the go in Dominican Republic

The international season finishes in the Americas with a six-team tournament that marks the first edition of a baseball competition for National Teams of the Caribbean. According to COPABE President Pereyra, it will be “the first of many”

The Campo Las Palmas at the Los Angeles Dodgers Academy in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, hosts the first Baseball Cup of the Caribbean (Copa de Béisbol del Caribe). The tournament is organised by the Pan American Baseball Confederation (COPABE) and by the Baseball Confederation of the Caribbean (COCABE).

The hosts Dominican Republic will compete against the National Teams of Curaçao, Aruba, USA Virgin Islands, Haiti and Peru.

Héctor Tito Pereyra, President of COPABE and of the Dominican Baseball Federation (FEDOBE), said that “this Copa is going to be the first of many.”

George De Lira, President of COCABE, added: “Thank you to COPABE and FEDOBE for their support. This tournament is a great opportunity for baseball development in the countries of the Caribbean.”

The Dominican Republic and Curaçao look like the National Teams to beat.
The hosts got starded with a couple of knock out wins: 13-3 against Aruba and 13-1 against Peru.
Curaçao beat the US Virgin Islands, 7-6, in the first game and outscored Peru, 18-4, in the second.

The Copa del Caribe is the last international baseball event scheduled in the Americas for 2018. It’s been dedicated to Mariana Petrarca, the Managing Director of the Arizona Diamondbacks Academy.

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