WBSC takes Baseball5 to Iran

WBSC takes Baseball5 to Iran

“Iran is willing to spread Baseball5 throughout the Country” says Baseball and Softball Association President Bahram Kardan. After introducing the street version of baseball-softball earlier this year, WBSC organized in late August a three-day coaching seminar

A three-day coaching seminar, held from 30 August to 1 September in Teheran, marks the birth of baseball5 in Iran. The new five on five, five-inning street version of the game of baseball-softball was introduced in the Country earlier this year.

WBSC organized the seminar with the support of the Iran Baseball and Softball Association (IBASA). The location was the best known sport environment of Iran: the Azadi sport complex. Cuban instructors Eros Bernal Morales and Briandy Molina Ellias were in charge of the technical part of the seminar.

A total 28, male and female, coaches and players participated in this seminar. The basics and rules were explained in thee class sessions. Five more sessions were held on the Baseball5 field that IBASA got ready for this event.

The final act of the seminar was a tournament that involved all of the participants and that received television coverage.

According to a report by Abbas Nedaei and Alireza Safavi, Baseball5 Commission members, the participants are now ready to introduce Baseball5 in different cities of the Country.

“Iran is willing to spread this new sport throughout the Country,” commented IBASA President Bahram Kardan.

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