Baseball5 thrives in Bulgaria

Baseball5 thrives in Bulgaria
The first National Title will be awarded on 16 February. Sofia will host the first indoor Balkan Open

The first-ever Baseball5 Bulgaria National Championship successfully opened on 2 February. Eight teams registered for the event. Spike and Rope (SAR), Youngsters, Yunak and Angels played in Group A. Akademiks, Dirt Blues, Athletic and TeamMix formed Group B.

Group play consisted of 12 games:

Youngsters-SAR 3-4
Angels-Yunak 4-10
SAR-Angels 12-1
Youngsters-Yunak 8-2
Youngsters-Angels 18-0
SAR-Yunak 9-2

SAR 3 wins-0 losses; Youngsters 2-1; Yunak 1-2; Angels 0-3

Dirt Blues-TeamMix 16-1
Akademiks-Athletic 6-5
Akademiks-TeamMix 8-1
Dirt Blues-Athletic 4-3
Akademic-Dirt Blues 5-4
TeamMix-Athletic 2-6

Akademiks 3 wins-0 losses; Dirt Blues 2-1; Athletic 1-2; TeamMix 0-3

SAR, Youngsters out of Group A and Akademics, Dirt Blues out of Group B will compete in the semifinals and finals on Sunday, 16 February.

The day before, Saturday 15 February, the capital city Sofia will host the first indoor Balkan Baseball5 Championship in the atrium of the Bulgaria Mall.

Bulgaria won the inaugural Baseball5 Balkan Open last year.