Danish Softball League Playoffs set to begin this weekend

Danish Softball League Playoffs set to begin this weekend
The men’s competition will open the final series on Saturday 13 September, while the women’s tournament is heading into the semi-finals.

The men and women’s softball leagues in Denmark will open the playoffs this weekend to find the nordic country's 2020 national champions. Hørsholm and Gladsaxe, just outside Copenhagen, will host the start of both of the championship series.

Almost three months after opening day, the men’s DM League has its two finalists. Hurricanes and Bulls, the top two teams of the regular season, will open a best-of-five final series. The Hurricanes secured the number one seed with a 15-6 record and received home advantage in the finals. They will face the Bulls, who finished with 12-9 in the win-loss column.

The first of the series will be played on Saturday, at 13:00; while the second meeting will take place on Sunday. Both games will be hosted in Hørsholm.

Meanwhile, the top four women’s teams in the standings advanced to the playoffs and will play the best-of-three semi-final series.

The two semi-final series will open on Saturday. The first-place Giants will face the Diamonds (fourth) in a double-header in Gladsaxe. The other semi-final matchup will be held in Hørsholm, where Barracudas and Vikings will meet twice. If a third game is necessary in any (or both) series, it will be played on Sunday in Hørsholm.

All games played in Hørsholm this weekend will be streamed here.