Europe: Baseball, softball seasons set to open in Belgium, France

Europe: Baseball, softball seasons set to open in Belgium, France
The season will open 11 June in Belgium, while opening day in France follow on 13 June.

In the global world of baseball and softball, opening day is right around the corner in two European countries.

The year's first games in Belgium will take place on Friday, 11 June, when the six-team Belgian men's softball league opens. "We are confident we will be able to award our champions in 2021," KBBSF-FRBBS President René Laforce said.

The top Belgian baseball league will feature 11 teams and open on Saturday, 12 June. The teams will be split into two groups for the regular season, with the top three finishers of each group competing for the title.

The top Belgian women's softball league will feature eight teams and open on Sunday, 13 June.

KBBSF-FRBBS Official Website

The French Baseball and Softball Federation (FFBS) has announced that the top French baseball and softball leagues will open this weekend.

France's Division 1 baseball league has 11 participating teams and is set to open on Sunday, 13 June.

France's Division 1 women's softball league is a five-team league and will also open on 13 June.

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FFBS' announcement follows the the French Ministry of Sport's decision to open all sports activities in France from 9 June.

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