Europe: It's softball season in Denmark and soon Ireland

Europe: It's softball season in Denmark and soon Ireland
The Danish DM League opened on 13 June. Irish teams are set to return to training on 4 July, while games will be played from 20 July.

The Danish DM Softball Leagues, both for men and women, opened on 13 June. The six-team women’s league has staged a total of eight games since opening day, with the Giants (4-0) and Barracudas (3-0) going undefeated. The men’s league is led by the Bulls, who are a perfect 3-0.

Elsewhere in Europe, Softball Ireland announced that clubs across the nation can return to training from 4 July, and play games from 20 July.

The Irish government recently announced that all sporting activity in the Republic of Ireland can resume from 29 June, and Softball Ireland has subsequently approved the regional leagues; however, the organization won’t organise other tournaments, including the Brian Walshe Cup (an event that traditionally opens Irish softball season and included 15 teams in 2019) and the Irish Open Softball Tournament, the highlight of the softball calendar in Ireland.