Montpellier wins 2020 Men's Softball French Open

Montpellier wins 2020 Men's Softball French Open
The Barracudas won back-to-back games on Sunday to claim the title, beating Contes Cobras in the final.

The Montpellier Barracudas won the 2020 French Open of Men's Softball on Sunday in Au Thillay, beating last year’s Division 1 champions Contes Cobras in the final by a score of 15-1. Four teams participated in the double-elimination event, which started on Saturday.

The Cobras beat Montpellier, 5-1, in the semi-final to clinch the first spot in the final. The Barracudas then defeated Le Thillay by a score of 10-1 to set up a rematch with the Cobras.

Winning pitcher Mickaël Mengoli was named MVP of the final. The Barracudas hit five home runs in the semi-final and four in the final, in a great showcase of power.

The Softball French Open was France's first and only official men’s softball tournament of the year, as the French Federation of Baseball and Softball (FFBS) has shut down competitions due to COVID-19.